There’s No Wrong Path to Employment.

At Sixth Sense Training, we understand that everybody’s method of learning is different. We also realise that exam situations don’t always provide an accurate reflection of an individual’s ability, work ethic or willingness to learn. However, we’re also aware that many young people across Scotland have been left speculating what the future holds after receiving SQA exam results.

In a bid to ease fears and illustrate that exam results shouldn’t define the career of a young person, Glasgow City Council’s ‘Developing the Young Workforce’ (DYW) department implemented the social media campaign #NoWrongPath. The #NoWrongPath campaign celebrated the range of diverse career paths that have been taken by employees throughout Scotland since leaving secondary school. Participants were asked to post a photograph holding a sign with their name, what they were doing when they left school and what they doing now, along with the caption #NoWrongPath.

The campaign, which launched – and trended- across social media platforms on August 8th to coincide with the Scottish Exam Results Day, was supported by a wide range of successful organisations, business personnel and famous faces, such as Scottish singer KT Tunstall and STV weatherman, Seán Batty.

The campaign came at an important time, as the UK government has outlined plans to get more young people ready for full-time employment by 2021 following reports that young people leaving higher education are lacking the skills required to immediately go into the workplace.

As a result of these reports, the Scottish government are promoting alternative routes to work to give young people the best possible chance of succeeding. College and university courses remain the favoured routes of school leavers. However, vocational qualifications, such as Modern Apprenticeships, are a popular route being promoted.

Modern Apprenticeships appeal to both employers and employees as apprentices are trained in skills relevant to the workplace, the qualification is government funded and can be completed within a year.

Its clear there remains a degree of apprehension surrounding modern apprenticeships. They are often considered to be second rate alternatives to college or university. The stereotypical role of an apprentice as being the ‘lackey’ still exists along with the assumption of poor wages and prospects. 

This apprehension was confirmed in a recent study carried out by The Sutton Trust who found that 80% of young people believed that their career prospects would be greater enhanced graduating from college or university, opposed to completing an apprenticeship.

Additionally, many people believe that graduates are more likely to earn better salaries when compared with modern apprentices. However, the study found this to be untrue and confirmed that apprenticeships often lead to similar career earnings as undergraduate university jobs.

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