Video Case Study: Cailean Property Agents

Cailean Property Agents

Cailean Property Agents is an independent firm specialising in property Sales and letting, covering Dunfermline. They are a highly focused and driven company with a commitment to keep improving their business in every aspect. Cailean Property also has Mathew who has recently completed his Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with Sixth Sense Training. Colin Storrie, the Managing Director of Cailean Property also shares his thoughts on why he decided to take on a modern apprentice.

Modern Apprenticeship

Mathew explains how his digital marketing apprenticeship helped him gain a better understanding of his job role. “With Cailean Property, my current role is a letting agent. I do inspections and inventories for that role and because of my modern apprenticeship, I’ve now started to do photography and marketing for the company. My assessor came out every few weeks and when he did, he was really helpful. My assessor was always supportive when I was working through my units. During my working hours or even after work. If I had a problem, my assessor was there for guidance.”

Cailean Property Agents' Mathew and Colin

Colin reflects on the decision to recruit a modern apprentice through Sixth Sense Training. “I decided to take on a modern apprentice from Sixth Sense Training as our team identified a gap in the workplace. The team felt we had to get ourselves up to the digital age that’s coming now. We also wanted to get Mathew’s skills involved in the company.”

Developing my Career

Mathew then mentions the skills he has learned and advanced on through his modern apprenticeship, and also how it has helped develop his career. “The skills I’ve learned with Sixth Sense Training helped me develop my career as a letting agent. It’s also allowed me to explore new areas in an estate agency as well.”

Cailean Property Agents' Mathew and Colin

Colin goes on to say how he found working alongside Sixth Sense Training. “I found Sixth Sense Training to be very helpful. The quality of the candidates was good. Having dealt with other training companies in the past, I was very impressed with the candidates Sixth Sense Training supplied. Mathew progressed very well with his apprenticeship training. He now uses the skills that he’s learned during his course in everyday tasks in the workplace.”

Mathew then concludes his apprenticeship experience with Sixth Sense Training. “If anyone’s looking to do any courses in IT or marketing and want to develop their career path. I would definitely recommend Sixth Sense Training as they’ve helped me through my progression.”

Colin then states if he would recommend Sixth Sense Training. “Would I recommend Sixth Sense Training? Yes, I would! Hopefully, we can find another good candidate by using them again ourselves.”

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Video Case Study: Rainbow Room International

Rainbow Room International

Rainbow Room International is Scotland’s largest independent salon group. Based in Glasgow, they have a range of salons throughout the City. Further afar and they have over 10,000 clients visit every month. The Rainbow Room International Academy is an opportunity for individuals who want to learn how to be a hairstylist. At the academy, students can learn the basics of styling hair. They can learn to use foils, face shaping, skin tone and eye colour. The Academy also has Robbie and Isla who both completed their Modern Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with Sixth Sense Training. They share their experience while completing their Modern Apprenticeship.

Modern Apprenticeship

Robbie starts off by talking about why he decided to take on a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship. “I decided to take on an apprenticeship after leaving school. I went to college first to complete an architectural degree, I decided that sitting in a classroom wasn’t for me. With an apprenticeship, I was able to sit in a working environment and earned while I learned at the same time.”Robbie & Isla, Rainbow Room Academy

Isla comments “I decided to do a modern apprenticeship because I left school and I didn’t really have any clue what I wanted to do. I kind of just jumped into college and doing something I didn’t really enjoy at all. When I was given the opportunity to do this which combined two aspects which I love, Social Media and Beauty. I thought it was a really good opportunity to take up.”


Robbie mentions his concerns before starting his new role. “At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I was very worried. I wasn’t confident in what I was going to be doing, I didn’t know what I would be taking on. However with Sixth Sense placing me in this environment and matching me with my assessor. Then teaching me throughout the course, I began to get more confident in what I was doing. I also started to feel more comfortable with where I was working.”

Isla comments on her concerns before beginning her modern apprenticeship. “Before I started the job. I was worried about not having the skills to keep up the online brand image that Rainbow Room already had. I was worried about doing this with a brand new team with someone I’ve never met before. Thanks to Sixth Sense they really put my mind at ease. I learned things from even just reading an online report to creating an email marketing campaign just from scratch.”                                                            

Dog Digital

Robbie starts to talk about his experience working with ‘Dog Digital’. “Rainbow Room already started their digital marketing through an external company called Dog Digital. We went for a week of work experience and we trained with them. We enhanced the skills that we learned with Sixth Sense in order to take on bigger roles within the company.”

Robbie then concludes his experience by recommending Sixth Sense Training. “I would highly recommend Sixth Sense Training to anyone in the future. They were able to match me with the perfect assessor and the perfect job within the perfect company.”

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Modern Apprentices with Asperger’s Syndrome: YES

Young Enterprise Scotland

Young Enterprise Scotland is a registered charity that has been working to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise in Scotland for over 25 years. YES has been inspiring and equipping young people to learn, develop and reach their full potential through enterprise. Every year they support around 15,000 young people, from all backgrounds, develop their business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and ultimately become more employable.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Scott Mcphie is a Videographer for Young Enterprise Scotland, recently completed his Modern Apprenticeship. He shares his experience while completing his Apprenticeship. Scott starts off talking about himself before taking on a Modern Apprenticeship. “When I started the Sixth Sense Training course, I was very shy and very nervous because I have borderline Asperger syndrome, which can interfere with my learning.”

Mark Armstrong, is the Scottish Schools Programme Manager for Young Enterprise Scotland. Commenting on how Sixth Sense TraiYES ning focused on Scott’s requirements while doing his Modern Apprenticeship; “As a Training Provider, Sixth Sense really did focus on Scott’s requirements to assist him in his job within YES. He was doing some IT work within them, he got regular check-ins every couple of weeks. Every few weeks one of the assessors would come out and help Scott. They were always communicating with me, asking when it was an appropriate time to meet with Scott and also meet with me and really understand how we can work together to enhance Scott’s employment opportunities and learning.”

Developing and Learning New Skills

Scott then starts talking about how his Modern Apprenticeship has benefitted him in developing and learning new skills. “I’ve learned a lot of new skills during my time working with Sixth Sense Training. Personal communication skills, health and safety and telecoms, and written communication. It has helped me to build up my confidence with IT. My SVQ also helped me learn how to approach tasks on my own without someone behind me or showing me what to do.”

The Future

Scott McPhie has Asperger's SyndromeMark then comments on what’s next for Scott in the future. “Scott’s next steps are really up to him. We are trying to give him the tools and assistance to actually start his own business within videography. He has already got some clients under his belt. One of the things we do within Young Enterprise Scotland is enhance a young person’s opportunities and again through his learning with Sixth Sense and the information and assistance we have given him, Scott’s already becoming a videographer of the future that you should all consider using.”

Scott then sums up his overall experience; “Whether you have Asperger’s syndrome like myself or any special needs, Sixth Sense Training is for everyone!”

Mark then concludes; “Working with Sixth Sense Training in partnership has really enhanced Young Enterprise Scotland’s knowledge of what they do but also definitely enhanced Scott’s opportunities for the future.”

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Digital Jumpstart: The Art of Upholstery


The Art of Upholstery

The Art of Upholstery specialises in restoring furniture, from antiques to pubs and clubs. Traditionally, they relied on paper records and invoices but were looking to move their business into the digital age. Digital Jumpstart by Sixth Sense Training allowed the business to move their records, database, accounting and invoicing online. This is due to employee Andrew’s SVQ training and our expert guidance in implementing the necessary systems. We had the opportunity to visit their workplace and speak to the Managing Director, Paul and apprentice, Andrew.

Modern Apprenticeship

Andrew talks about why he did a Modern Apprenticeship and the benefits its brought to the company. “I decided to an apprenticeship with Sixth Sense Training to improve my digital skills with

the business. My apprenticeship was great and it was very helpful for both me and the company. I learned a new programme called Podio and I was able to keep all our clients’ information and details in one programme”

Paul talks about how Andrew’s Modern Apprenticeship has improved the company. “I’ve seen a massive improvement in the business. It has made a huge difference to us and just letting Andrew just being able to tune into modern technology.” 

Digital Jumpstart

Speaking about Digital Jumpstart and how the programme helped the company Andrew commented “Digital Jumpstart was a big help to the company. It helped us with the paperwork and the invoicing and quotes for each job, it kept the office a lot tidier and everything is online. It kept everything a lot safer with all the records in a safe place as well, so nothing can get lost.”

Andrew then goes on to talk about his assessor during his Modern Apprenticeship. “My assessor was great, he helped me when he was here and when he wasn’t. He gave me so much help when he came over and then if I needed any more help he would tell me to phone him up or give him an email and he would get right back to me.”

Andrew then brings up how the business is now running because of the digital jumpstart. “The business is running so much smoother now thanks to Sixth Sense Training. They’ve able to put everything online and it’s been a lot more helpful.”

Andrew then concludes by recommending Sixth Sense Training. “I would really recommend Sixth Sense Training to anyone for personal or business reasons, I’ve finished my Digital Applications course and now moving onto Digital Marketing.”

Talking about how Digital Jumpstart has helped his business, Paul concludes. “Sixth Sense Training made a massive difference and I can’t imagine going back to the way we were before. I can’t do anything but recommend them to anybody else.”  

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Digital Jumpstart Booster Tools

Modern Apprentices with Dyslexia: Josh Bilsland

Concept Northern

Concept Northern is an assistive technology provider to organisations throughout Scotland. They support clients with additional support needs and offer their services in pre-employment, education and work. Josh Bilsland works at Concept Northern in Technical Support. Josh has dyslexia and faces additional barriers in the workplace. He’s currently completing his Modern Apprenticeship in ICT and Sixth Sense Training have helped him get the support he needs to progress in his qualification.


Josh Bilsland DyslexiaJosh said “Before I started working at Concept Northern, there were a few things I was worried about, being in a fast-paced office and keeping up with the heavy workload. I was always worried about my spelling and how I would come across to students due to my dyslexia”

Business Development Manager, Barbara Borthwick, commented “We are finding it difficult to get employees that are motivated, are proactive in their approach to work and they want to learn more about the technology”

Barbara continues “We were looking for an individual that was going to be determined to learn all the new technology, that is able to work within that department. They also have to have very good personality and had to work well with our client base.”

“Another Dimension”

During Josh’s Modern Apprenticeship, Barbara has said “Josh has settled in really well to his role here. He’s become a very integral part of the team. He’s very dedicated to his role, he’s absolutely loving his Modern Apprenticeship.

Sixth Sense Training has brought another dimension to Josh’s job role. As well as learning everything he has to within the workshop, he’s also got the support of his assessor. The assessors have been fantastic. We’ve seen Josh’s confidence grow. He’s much more proactive, he’s putting himself forward for things he hadn’t done before, it’s been an amazing difference”

Josh concludes by saying; “I would recommend an apprenticeship through Sixth Sense Training as my social skills have improved massively”

Barbara then concludes by saying “We found an ideal situation with Sixth Sense Training. They were able to recruit and place an apprentice with us. They asked us for a list of our demands or needs and they tick that list at every stage. I would highly recommend them for any of your apprenticeship needs”5

Further Information on Josh’s story is found here.

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Isla Cole & Robbie Lyons, Rainbow Room International

This year we have had the pleasure of working with the Rainbow Rooms International group to deliver the Digital Marketing SVQ to two great young people, Robbie Lyons and Isla Cole (both 18). Under, Academy Director, Leigh Kerr and her team’s tutelage, and working alongside our assessor’s guidance and innovative e-learning platform and digital classroom suite, Isla and Robbie have thrived during their modern apprenticeship and recently completed their SVQ. Rainbow Rooms Academy is already one of the top training providers of apprenticeships in the hair & beauty industry in Scotland, and as this was their first foray into employing Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeships, we were delighted to work alongside such an accomplished organisation to develop young people. We asked Robbie and Isla about their Apprenticeship experience and this is what they had to say:

What Made You Decide To Complete A
Modern Apprenticeship?

Isla:  I had tried a college course and didn’t enjoy it at all. When I left, I came across the option to do a modern apprenticeship where I could earn money while I learn and complete the qualification at a comfortable speed and in my own time, I thought it would be a really good opportunity to try something different.

Robbie: Straight from leaving school, I went to college and I didn’t enjoy it as the classroom environment was too similar to school, whereas with this opportunity it was something that I was interested in doing that allowed me to further my education in a different setting. When I started my apprenticeship at Rainbow Room International the atmosphere was relaxed and I felt at ease. This was something different for me, but it was also something that I believed I would enjoy and feel comfortable doing.

How Did You Find The Recruitment Process with Sixth Sense Training?

Robbie: During the recruitment process with Sixth Sense Training, and going for the interview at Rainbow Room International I felt good and prepared, as Jamie, the person who recruited me for this position was making sure that I knew everything about the job role and was there to help if I needed it.

Isla: I was recruited and in the job within less than a month. The process was really quick and easy and there was a lot of communication.

Do you feel your apprenticeship has boosted your job skills and why?

Isla: I think that my apprenticeship has boosted my job skills as it has helped me be able to meet deadlines efficiently, it has made me aware of the career path I can now take and it has helped me learn various different practical and knowledge units and outcomes which I can utilise on a daily basis now that I have a qualification.

Robbie: This Apprenticeship has increased my digital marketing skills through the job we were in, and the learning materials and constant help from my assessor Peter. I now feel comfortable enough to design my own content and then post it on our company’s social media channels.

Do you feel your apprenticeship has helped with your self-confidence?

Robbie:  My apprenticeship has improved my confidence not only in my digital marketing skills but in my communication with others. Being in the workplace with different people and being in contact with the very important people in the company has helped improve my communication skills.  When first starting the job, I was quite shy and kept to myself whereas throughout this experience I have come out of my shell and I think this is partly because of the environment here and the job role I was taking on. Also knowing that if there was any help needed in my course then I could email the assessor for support and feedback was a comfort.

Isla: During my apprenticeship, I have become more confident in my job role, as the experience taught me how to work well and effectively with others and it also helped me learn a lot about myself in terms of my preferred learning style.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?

Isla: I have been supported throughout the duration of my apprenticeship, it is really helpful to have a lot of people on hand to help me whenever I have a question or if I am stuck. Peter was also really helpful as he was always responsive and kept us in the loophole at all times.

RobbieAs I have spoken about previously, our assessor Peter always made us feel at ease during the apprenticeship, providing any help we may need along the way. Also, Richard visited for a support session in our office during a change of assessor to make sure we fully understood any parts of the apprenticeship we were struggling to complete and allowed us to progress at a quicker rate.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?

Isla: I have enjoyed learning and developing a great number of new skills and carrying them out when it came to practical tasks. I felt that for me this was the best way to learn.

Robbie: I have enjoyed everything about the apprenticeship, but if I had to choose some highlights, I would say it would be the workplace as well as the people. Rainbow Room International has really been such an amazing place to work, as well as learning from the digital marketing agency RRI work with (Dog Digital) in the creation of Social Media posts.

Overall, do you feel you have benefitted from your modern apprenticeship? 

Robbie:  I feel I have benefitted greatly from the modern apprenticeship and the work experience I have gained. I now feel confident enough to come up with my own social media plans, and get ready to execute them.

Isla: I feel that now I have finished my apprenticeship I can go away and take the new skills and transfer them to any future roles I progress into.

What do you hope is the next step on your career path?

Robbie: I hope to continue working at Rainbow Room International and hopefully one day become the lead of my own digital marketing team, where I can look at events and posts that I have attended/hosted/posted to be proud of them, and continually develop my digital marketing skills beyond what I have already learned as you can never learn enough!

Isla: I hope that I can continue working at Rainbow Room International as I have enjoyed what I have been doing for here so far, or I would definitely like to work within another digital marketing group and take my career from there.

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Casey Donaldson, Wetrooms Distribution

Company: Wetrooms Distribution 
Sector: Decorative Supplier
Apprentice Name: Casey Donaldson
Age: 18
Job Role: Import Assistant
Qualification: Business Administration 

Casey, 18, processing orders in the Wetrooms Distribution offices.

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?

I did well at school and gained some Higher grades, but after leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. College and university courses didn’t interest me, but I knew I should pursue further qualifications as they would allow me to get a better job in future. After getting the office junior job at Wetrooms Distribution my boss, Julie Hart, suggested putting me through a modern apprenticeship. I was keen to do it, as I knew it would help me progress in my job and give me a better understanding of my role.

How did you find out about Modern Apprenticeships?

To be honest, it was mainly through my boss who had previously employed modern apprentices throughout the business. I knew a bit about modern apprenticeships before I started my role here, as I had looked at various positions online, but it was Julie who suggested I complete one. She let me know about the benefits that it would have on my career.

How Have Sixth Sense Training Helped Develop Your Career Prospects?

Initially, I struggled with a couple of units, but the Sixth Sense Training assessors have been great. They have really helped me manage my workload and the qualification has taught me various new skills.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?

Lewis, my assessor, has been really helpful. He comes out to visit me every few weeks and goes over the work with me to make sure I fully understand everything. I’ve progressed lots with his support.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?

I’ve enjoyed some of the units I’ve done. The ‘Orders, Products and Services’ unit and the ‘Spreadsheet’ unit were really useful. They have made my daily life easier and I’ll be able to carry these skills forward in the future.

Manager Name: Julie Hart

Manager Position: Senior Office and Import Manager

How Has Having A Modern Apprentice Benefited Your Business?

Having apprentices in, or around, the office definitely benefits the business and helps us cope with our busy workload. Over the years we’ve had a few employees doing various apprenticeships and have always found them valuable. It allows us to develop the employee into their role, rather than having somebody coming in with bad habits, and it is nice to know the staff are taking a keen interest in their personal development.

How would you describe your experience partnering with Sixth Sense Training?

I’ve found the staff at Sixth Sense Training to be really easy to communicate with. That is a big plus as previously we have used different companies, but this is a lot more straightforward and the breakdown of the units is a lot easier to understand. We’re able to tailor the qualification to suit the employee’s job role allowing us to get the maximum benefit from the apprentice.

Would you use Sixth Sense Training’s services again or would you recommend the service to other business owners?

Yes, we would use Sixth Sense Training again when employing apprentices and would recommend them to other business owners.

If you believe your staff could benefit from a Business Administration Modern Apprenticeship please call us on 01355 698011 or fill out the inquiry form here. We can even recruit new apprentices for you, completely free!

Matthew Robertson, North Lanarkshire Council

Company: North Lanarkshire Council
Sector: Local Authority
Apprentice Name: Matthew Robertson
Age: 18
Job Role: Information Service Assistant
Qualification: ICT Professional

Matthew, 18, hard at work at North Lanarkshire Council offices.

What Made You Decide To Complete A Modern Apprenticeship?
To be honest, it was the best option available to me at the time. I had started a college course, but left after 5
months, as I wasn’t enjoying it. I wanted to get a job and start earning money, so I applied for Modern
Apprenticeships through the recruitment website, Indeed. That was where I saw the Sixth Sense Training IT
apprenticeship position advertised with North Lanarkshire Council.

How did you find out about Modern Apprenticeships?
I already knew about them before I started at college, but had never applied for one. When I left college I
applied for loads and went to a few interviews for different positions, so I was glad to end up in this job.

How Has Sixth Sense Training Helped Develop Your Career Prospects?
I’ve learned a lot throughout my Modern Apprenticeship. Its all helped me. I’ve learned how to build websites
and that is a skill I’ve been able to incorporate into my job role. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence around
the office.

How Have You Been Supported By Sixth Sense During Your Apprenticeship?
My assessor, Lewis, has been great. He’s given me lots of support whenever I’ve needed it.

What Have You Enjoyed Most About Your Apprenticeship?
I enjoyed making my own website as that is something we occasionally have to do in the office. The whole
experience has been good and has helped me grow into my job.

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Connor Gibbons, Nabco Scotland Shopfitters

Company: Nabco Scotland

Sector: Shopfitting

Apprentice Name: Connor Gibbons

Age: 18

Company: Nabco Scotland

Job Role: Trainee shopfit designer

Qualification: ICT Professional SVQ

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Sam Meldrum, Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Company: Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Sector: Service

Apprentice Name: Sam Meldrum

Age: 23

Company: Caledonian Vehicle Sourcing

Job Role: Vehicle Sourcing Manager

Qualification: ICT SVQ with Marketing

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