What do the Managers Think?

Sixth Sense Training can only produce the outstanding modern apprentices that we do with the support of great managers. We spoke to some of these managers about their experience with apprenticeships in their business and the benefits they have gained.

Concept Northern – Barbara Borthwick

“Josh has settled in really well in his role at Concept Northern, he’s become a very integral part of the team, he’s very dedicated to his role and he’s absolutely loving his modern apprenticeship.”

“Sixth Sense Training has brought another dimension to Josh’s job role, as well as learning everything he has to within the tech workshop he’s also got the support of his assessors, the assessors have been fantastic.”

“We’ve seen Josh grow, his confidence grow, he’s much more proactive and he’s been putting himself forward for things he has never done before. It’s been an amazing difference to him.”

“We’ve found an ideal situation with Sixth Sense Training as they were able to recruit and place an apprentice with us, I would highly recommend them for any of your apprenticeship needs.”


The Art of Upholstery – Paul Mulrine

“I’ve seen a massive improvement in the business, it’s made a massive difference to us with Andrew just being able to tune into modern technology.”

“Sixth Sense Training made a massive difference to my business and I can’t imagine going back to the way we were before. I can’t do anything but recommend them to anyone else.”


Young Enterprise Scotland – Mark Armstrong

Our colleague, Scott decided to focus on videography when he started with YES and through Sixth Sense Training with his online courses, he developed a real skill base and focus on videography for YES.”

“As a training provider, Sixth Sense Training really focused on Scott’s requirements to assist him with his job at Young Enterprise Scotland, he got regular check-ins every couple of weeks from his assessor and helped him through his course work.”

“Working with Sixth Sense Training has really enhanced Young Enterprise Scotland’s knowledge of what they do, but also enhanced Scott’s opportunities for the future.”


Cailean Property – Colin Storrie

“I decided to take on a modern apprentice from Sixth Sense Training as we identified a gap in our team where we felt that we had to get ourselves up to the digital age that’s coming now and I wanted to get Mathew’s skills involved in the company.”

“I found Sixth Sense Training to be very helpful, I was very impressed with the candidates Sixth Sense Training supplied. Mathew has progressed very well with his apprenticeship training, he now uses the skills that he’s learned during his course in his day to day tasks.”

“Would I recommend Sixth Sense Training? Yes, I would and hopefully, we can find another good quality candidate by using them again.”

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