Individual Training Accounts- ITA

Individual Training Accounts

Learners in Scotland can now apply for up to £200 per year of funding towards skills and learning development with an Individual Training Account (ITA). This new scheme, launched in October, is designed to replace ILAs and aims to make it easier for job hunters and lower paid workers to access qualifications and additional training.

Sixth Sense Training currently offer a range of short courses to improve business, marketing or IT skills. If you are currently earning less than £22000 and currently reside in Scotland, you will meet eligibility criteria.

Popular ITA Courses

  •  Web Development
  •  Leadership and Management
  •  Customer Care for IT 
  • Digital Marketing 
 These courses can be completed online, in our training suite or one to one for those requiring additional help.


How Does it Work?

ITA Scotland is an SDS scheme which helps you to pay for learning that you can do at a time, place, pace and in a way to suit you. If you are over 16 and living in Scotland, and earn under £22,000 per year, you could get up to £200 towards the cost of learning new skills.

If you have any queries or questions about our ITA courses, or are having trouble with your application please call or email our Head of ITAs Neil Toner on 01355 698011 or neilt@sixthsense-training.com and he will be delighted to help.

To apply, click the link below, pick your course on the My World of Work site, and apply for ITA funding. One of our advisers will then get in touch to set you up on your course.


Search all courses

Click here to see a full list of our courses on myworldofwork.co.uk. You can apply online there too.

For more information on ITAs please leave your details and our team will be in touch: